Top 5 “tech” skills to improve in 2017

It’s always difficult to create a global top 5 list of any kind.

Here goes our top 5 tech skills for 2017.

Practice makes perfect
  1. Javascript
    • This language can be used everywhere. Thanks to node.js and an active community it’s blue skies for Javascript programmers and its surrogates users such as CoffeeScript and Typescript. More and more interesting things are being done with Javascript each year. For a great source of example source code we recommend checking out
  2. Linux
    • Cloud computing would not be where it is without the up-time made possible by this operating system. Being open-source and having a large community of hobbyist and corporate support it is a must for doing anything substantial going forward.
  3. Git
    • Git is a powerful information collaboration system known for its utility as a source code version management system. Git can be used for version management of practically anything and learning even just be basics in 2017 should hopefully get you somewhat comfortable enough to using it on a regular basis in years to come.
  4. Writing
    • Clear communication is getting more and more important. Since new concepts are sprouting all around us using specific terminology and proper writing style helps increase the quality of the message delivery. Reading more books and writing more articles are a simple way to put these skills to practice and set yourself off to continuous improvement.
  5. Researching
    • When you don’t know the answer you must find a way to obtain it. There’s very little excuse for ignorance in the 21st century. Great thing is that making a habit of researching is both rewarding and intellectually stimulating. An easy way to squeeze in a couple extra hours of new knowledge a days is to listen to audiobooks and using screen reader apps to dictate texts while you’re on the go.

These are just some easy ways to increase productivity with some useful skills that are essential for Internet Entrepreneurs.

What do we recommend starting with?

Perhaps something as simple as a recent book on Javascript and an audiobook on effective writing would be a good way to get the ball rolling this year. This is an easy way to get familiar with audiobooks on your smartphone or tablet or while driving in the car.

So good luck and have fun along the journey.

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