Introducing DVLBX, goodbye XAMPP, goodbye AMPPS

Web developers rejoice, there’s a new web development environment on the block that will make your life easier, introducing DVLBX, aka, devilbox.

While we’re not huge fans of the name, we get the tongue in cheek that Cytopia had in mind. Congratulations on this awesome release Cytopia, your project is truly excellent.

One thing you will notice right away is that great attention to detail went into creating this DVLBX. There is lots of error checking under the hood and a well thought out architecture using Docker engine to keep your system pristine and secure.

The control dashboad is clean, simple and intuitive.


Some of DVLBX’s main features that web developer will love:

  • Creating Virtualhosts without having to touch hosts file or web server configuration files
  • SSL support while doing local development
  • Multiple databases
  • Multple web servers
  • Multiple cache servers
  • Auto DNS configuration
  • Email catch-all
  • Xdebug and PHP-FPM
  • Command line tools
  • Much more

For complete details check out the project’s homepage on github here.

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