Air Canada and Tim Hortons engage in censorship via WiFi

Through the use of so called ‘content-filtering’, Air Canada and Tim Hortons, with the help of DataValet, are now engaged in the business of determining what information can be accessed on the Internet while connected to WiFi.

That’s right, the coffee and donut chain, and the Chinese-national owned Air Canada have self-declared themselves ambassadors of censorship.

At WISERWEB we strongly defend the principles upon which free, and open societies exist. It is well understood that free flow of information is an essential component of free market capitalism.

While these companies may offer good products and services, it appears their management and board of directors cannot help themselves to act contrary to the principles which made the existence of their Corporation possible in the first place.

Google is another company that seems unable to grasp the dangers of developing censorship technology and giving it to the communists.

Is it time for more boycotts?

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