NSA Hack Tools Exploited

NSA hack tools are being exploited by several groups who are demanding ransom payment in crypto currency.

This is just the latest in a recent string of events which have led to various government tools turned against the public.

When there is a trend this tends to indicate non-randomness.

Consequently we advise eyeryone to operate in high threat level mode for the next 12 months. This rating is dynamic and may be changed at any time due to new information.

The knowledge gained by the groups and their earnings from exploiting the tools will give them capital and time to regroup and hit again and again.

What companies will need to do is to opertate with sheilds up. This will be the only way to go forward. Gone are the days of mythical computer security software suites keeping your network safe. Only active eyes and trained security personel will be able to respond to what is coming next.

On a macro scale these exploit methods will likely lead to some form of coordinated attack. Unfortunately with the opponents emboldened we suspect that this next event will cost the lives of innocent people and will be the first cyber-terrorism event in the world on the scale of 9/11.

What is the best computer security?

Answer: Being able to survice offline if everything computerized has been compromized.

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